Other Cars Diagnostics - Fiat wiTech Plus


Fiat Group Automobiles is introducing the wiTECHPlus diagnostic instrument jointly developed with

the Chrysler Group which will replace Examiner Smart HD. Distribution of the instrument will start
in the months of May/June 2011 during the commercial launch of the FIAT Freemont and
convergence process between the FGA and CJD networks.
The following vehicles can be diagnosed after distribution of the instrument:
A - Vehicles without dedicated diagnostic K line (May 2011)
B - Vehicles with dedicated diagnostic K line (by June 2011)
C - Vehicles made on PSA and SZK platforms (by September 2011)
D - Vehicles without standard communication protocols (within December 2011)
wiTECHPlus components and links.
The hardware on which wiTECHPlus runs is:
· Laptop
· VCI Pod with diagnostic cable
· USB cable
· Trigger button

1 Bluetooth connection

2 USB cable
3 LAN cable
A Laptop
B VCI Pod.
The software of the four working environments listed above resides on the laptop (A). The
wiTECHPlus system is also provided with a VCI Pod (B) which is plugged into the diagnostic socket
of the vehicle. The connection between laptop (A) and VCI Pod (B) may be established in three
different manners: via Bluetooth (1), via USB cable (2) or via LAN cable (3).
Working environments


2. Examiner Emulator
4. DRB III Emulator
The Launcher icon for accessing working environments is on the laptop desktop. After having
started Launcher, a page will appear showing the brand logos for which the workshop/dealer is
authorised. Workshop/dealers with FGA mandates only will access the wiTECHPlus diagnostic
application directly. The following page will appear instead for multibrand workshops/dealers
(FGA and CJD):

To diagnose a FGA product, click on the Fiat logo to access wiTECH FGA or the Examiner

Emulator. To diagnose a CJD product, instead, click on the Chrysler logo to access wiTECH CJD
or the DRBIII Emulator.
The wiTECH FGA environment is structured to run diagnostic operations starting from Fiat
Freemont 2011. All FGA vehicles made after Fiat Freemont 2011 (with the exception of the new

The Examiner Emulator was designed to allow to diagnose all FGA products up to Fiat Freemont

2011 (excluded) and the new Lancia Y. It recreates and maintains the same functions as the